About My Backyard Veggie Patch

My Backyard Veggie Patch is owned and operated by Darryl Steff who has a passion for veggie gardening and helping others gain the benefits of growing their own veggies.



My Backyard Veggie Patch makes it easy to establish and maintain a veggie patch that can be a source of healthy, nutritious food for years to come.

We offer the following services:

 - Raised veggie patches or raised garden beds in various sizes

 - Herb planter boxes

 - Veggie seedlings

 - Irrigation and netting

 - Regular maintenance or "renovation" service

Free quotes

We can provide a veggie patch for you to fill and plant out yourself, we can provide a comprehensive installation, planting and maintenance service, or we can advise you or get you going with your pre-existing veggie patches.


Note: We currently only service the Brisbane Area.

Benefits of growing your own veggies

A veggie patch can provide fresh, tasty, nutritious, chemical free veggies and herbs....

Having a veggie patch is something that many people have thought about but few have actually done.  It is becoming more popular as people become more aware of the issues with shop brought herbs and veggies.  A veggie patch can give you access to seasonal veggies all year round (yes, contrary to many people's belief, you can grow veggies all year round in Queensland), and you know how they have been grown and that they are as fresh as possible.

There is a perception that it is hard work to have a veggie patch in your backyard.  Thats not necessarily true, growing veggies does not have to be that time consuming.   One of the biggest hurdles is establishing the veggie patch and that is where My Backyard Veggie Patch comes in.  And if you want help keeping on top of the maintenance, we can help with that too.

Why Raised Garden Beds?

Raised garden beds are great for growing small plots of veggies.  Unless you are very lucky, the soil in your backyard is probably not ideal for raising veggies, it may be a clay soil, excessively damp, rocky or weed infested.   A raised bed allows you to properly prepare the soil and this alone can easily yield more than double the harvest of a unprepared soil.  Furthermore, a raised bed prevents soil compaction, provides good drainage and serves as a barrier to a number of pests.   

We construct our veggie patches out of materials that support organic gardening.  Any treatments on the woods are safe to be used for growing vegetables.